Our Story


Oh, hello there!

My name is Brittany, and I am the driving force behind This Brave Journey. I am a single mom to a bubbly little toddler named Ada, whom I adopted at birth. I am currently in the process of becoming a foster parent and hope to eventually adopt again via the foster care system. It’s a very different journey than the private adoption I experienced with adopting Ada, and I’m looking forward to the day our forever kiddo joins our family, but am really excited to fill the fostering need in the meantime for how ever many children we welcome into our home.


Most of you know me as the maker of the Scooter Booties brand of soft sole shoes. I started Scooter Booties in 2012 and have since made over 30,000 pairs of shoes for little feet all over the world. In the Fall of 2019, I expanded my business to include a variety of both private label products and products made by other small batch makers, and re-branded to what is now This Brave Journey.


In my research of becoming foster licensed and learning about foster care in general, I realized that I wanted to do more than just foster. I HAD to do more. These kids need me. They need all of us. They need society to reach out, to be compassionate, to be understanding, and to help.


My “aha” moment came while packing my daughter’s backpack for daycare. As I filled it with extra clothes and a water bottle, I remembered learning that foster kids often come to you with nothing but the clothes on their back. And if they do come with anything, it is often in a trash bag. A TRASH BAG. Can you imagine? Packing your favorite toy and a few changes of clothes in a trash bag, and then being taken to live in a strangers house? My heart broke. What if we could supply backpacks and basic necessities for foster kids? And school supplies. And Christmas gifts. And super awesome experiences like horse back riding lessons or a trip to the aquarium. What would things like that mean to a child in foster care?


When you purchase from This Brave Journey, you are supporting a single mom. You put milk in my fridge and shoes on my kiddo and keep the lights on in my house. But more importantly, you are helping some of the most vulnerable youth of our society.


5% of every purchase is given back to kids currently in the foster care system.

Every purchase. Every day.

You can read more about the Brave Journey Projects here and learn exactly what that 5% goes towards.

But I want This Brave Journey to be so much more than just a retail store. My mission is to make the social media presence a virtual community gathering space. For anyone touched by or interested in learning more about foster care. I want it to be a place of learning, inspiration, of awareness and support. A place to lift you up when the journey gets too hard, a place to come to when you need guidance, a place to share your triumphs and joys and hopes and fears that go along with this hard but amazing journey we call fostering. Follow me on Instagram to be a part of the community!


Adoption and fostering are my passion. Giving back is my purpose. Helping these kids is my reason. Follow me in my journey of becoming a foster parent, and hopefully growing my permanent family in the future. I look forward to sharing my passion with you, as well as hearing all about YOUR Brave Journey.